We believe that every one is unique. Everyone is Nayaab. Everyone has talent. So we would like to arouse in each our client the courage to follow this uniqueness where it leads. We want to inspire every woman stepped in our showroom to say: "I am Me. Not a girl from a neighborhood, not a woman from a magazine cover, not a strangee.... I am me, and I am OK!"
Wearing our jewelry is not the act to make her personality complete, but to make the beautiful lady realize that she was always beautiful, that she is worthy of having it, because of her only!
We believe in love and sincerity, in craze and passion, in significance of the centuries-long traditions and inspiration for invention. With our innovative light weight and detachable jadau jewelry and classical ethnical designs from the regal collections, we pay tribute to the New Woman of India, emerging as the inspiring power of the nation, we set the milestone in the jewelry legacy of the changing India.
To defend the motto 'Once created, never replicated' and represent the exclusivity in every design as well as the very personal approach to each customer, the brand introduces many design innovations in diamond, gold and jadau section.
Every piece of Nayaab is created by a team of six designers headed by Manali Bothra, the main inspiration and designer par excellence. With her inspired vision of the modern diva she has managed to bring alive an exotic beauty in her designs and even to involve customers into the process of creation. Nayaab offers the unique feature to its crme clientele to customize a design according to its taste and demand, highlighting the value of the personality of each customer.